May 26, 2001 #2

A LOT of things have happened with me in the past 3 weeks. So I’ll try to keep this as condensed as possible.

The first topic is: I AM THE MASTER OF THE 56K!!! How many of you with 56k modems on normal ISPs out there are frustrated because you get disconnected so often? Well this was not a problem for me: I decided to go for broke and leave my PC on, connected, for as long as possible. I used my trusty and incredibly stable SupraSonic II modem, the local ISP, and of course stable Wad for this test. I saved screenshots of my connection window every so often and chatted about it on AIM. Well, below this is the final proof. I had to shut down my PC after AIM crashed (and Explorer had done about 5 fake-restarts and was having severe window button blips)… after being connected nonstop, at 48kbps, for 8.9 days.

Loogie says: i swear to god, the people at hovac died

Next, I finally beat DiabloII in Normal mode, as a Level 27 Amazon. When we have our 2001 Game Awards Column, D2 will most likely be getting very high accolades. I did take a number of screenshots while playing, but I don’t feel like compiling them onto this news entry.. maybe another day.

Weird Shit is the next topic. Please gaze over the following 3 screenshots from GameSpy and AIM that I found really weird. To save space on this entry, I put the descripts as mouseovers on the images.

I went to Snake’s yesterday for about 5 hours for pics for my next Column… all about computer mice. We used his (his dad’s.. shh) digital camera and took about 14 pics of anything I owned even remotely related to a mouse, and there’re still more pics to come. The column will be done within 2 weeks. We also shot BBs at a can and a milk jug {insert own comment here} for a bit. Fun.

My additions/revisions to the site lately have been totally redoing the POTM and fixing parts of my Staff Page. I have also lately been busy updating a couple of Angelfire sites for people I know.

There’s probably more that I’ve done, but I can’t think of it right now…

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