Delta Force 3

I remember a time, back before TFC…before S&L, when we used to play Delta Force. What an awesome game it was. The expansive terrain, easy multiplayer setup, and the 12 or so weapons to choose from. It was a blast. Loog, Gandalf, and myself played it like every week for a month or two online.

Delta Force 3, though…it’s like all the things you wanted Delta Force to be. There’s about 3 times as many weapons, ambient surround sounds, high quality textures and other graphic effects (weather, explosions, etc.), even more multplayer modes, and of course it uses hardware acceleration finally. All the fun elements from the original are still present, too.

So, Loog and I got it from ol Morpheus (that fag Que with the DSL still has yet to) and have been playing around with the mission editor and some multiplayer this evening. I’ll just show you some quick screens from my map and the scoreboard. This could be my new Inf replacement. My reason for quiting Inf was because they changed the scoreboard (and some other stuff that I got too used to). Excuse me, dicks, but I’ve been fragging for 3 years and I like to know how many kills I’ve gotten versus everyone else. Games are games cause they’re competitive; I don’t play to suck my team’s dicks. And, that’s my statement on scoreboards. DF3 give you 2 points for a kill and 3 for a headshot…excellent!

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