DNS down, Kat returns!

Looks like Snake and Loog’s ISP is suffering from DNS failure or something. Snake explains that a DNS is “domain name server,” the thing that changes a web address to an IP (like http://www.s–l.com to whatever the IP is.) I dont know bout that shit, but it means that they, and the rest of their town, cant view webpages or use AIM or anything else that querys the DNS. Sucks for them!

On a mind-boggelingly higher magnitude of good news, Kathleen is BACK! Thats right, bitches, after over a year of complete disappearence, our collective girlfriend has returned! She says that she will be on once in awhile now, so i guess we can still keep in contact with her. What a freakin surprise.. im searching morpheus for another version of Planet of the Apes (the Heston version.. im not a fag,) because the one i have janks up bout 10 mins in.. and then suddenly someone signes on MSN.. “Kanadian Kiss”!! I was like meta-“wtf?!” It was her, allright.. we chatted for about an hour, but loog didnt want to talk to her for some unexplained reason, and Snake was off to the movies with Gandalf and Rachael. It was fun to update her, because she was surprised about everything.. she said that she has simply been busy with work and school, and that she had missed us. I hope its not another year before we talk to her again!

Oh yea, and i opened my bank account today. Im gonna invest some money in stocks and shit.. this ownz joo! I can just rap off some checks if i feel like it.. my card will get here in about a week or something…so, keep on maintaining your inferiority, my loyal fans!

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