Holy shit, it’s December.

The subject has nothing to do with my actual posts, but I just happened to realize that it’s all like…December and shit. The last 2 days have been a daze, so I didn’t really catch it. Anyways, here we go…

I took the Demoboard code and rewrote a lot of it to accompany the new S&L Glossary a few nights ago. It took only about 5 hours to complete but I’m quite pleased with what it and myself are capable of doing. This time around it uses a common CSS file for a lot of the page properties and such, so it’s actually noticably faster when loading for you fellow 56Kers. Last time I looked there were 50 definitions already, so you can go check it out and may actually learn something here. I’ll add a link to it in the top frame once we reach 100 definitions.

I was poking around my favorite hardware sites today whilst eating and found some KT266A goodness. First off, I’m so fucking glad that Abit finally released their version of Via’s KT266A North Bridge Chipset, the KR7A. I was beginning to get worried that they wouldn’t make one…this mother fucker is on my list of things to get with Christmas dinero now. Check it out over at [H]ardOCP. Then, over at Tom’s Hardware Guide, they have a nifty roundup of 11 KT266A Mobos (excluding Abit’s offering of goodness, the KR7A) and 2 nForce Mobos. The Soyo SY-K7V and MSI K7T266 Pro2 look very swooby indeed, but I’m an Abit whore.

And finally, I’d like to announce that way too many llamas play DF3. This is not necessarily a bad thing, though, especially since I lag on every server like a cock sucking dick (no, I dunno what it means either, but it sounds bad). But come on, you don’t run straight for someone with a .50cal sniper rifle and expect to win. Here’s a sshot of the massacre:

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