Starband and Games

For anyone who may be considering getting the StarBand satellite internet connection, there’s something you need to know first: You will not be able to play online games. The only proof you need is in this email I got in query as to my greatest concern.

Dear Snake,

Thank you for contacting StarBand technical support. StarBand customers see an average ping time of 700ms to 900ms. Again, thank you for your inquiry. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact, or check out our website at

StarBand Support

There’s a lot of other limitations to having a shitsucking ping, too, but gaming is the big blow. I figure most satellite services are no different, but at least they use the phone line for uploads. I’m sticking with the 56K goodness yet again. The StarBand tech support was really prompt, though.

On a cooler note, go check out the new video over at Tom’s. Linkage.

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