Downloads, rats, etc.

Earlier today, I went through and fixed the individual download description pages… they were quite outdated, and the backgrounds were even linked to the old S&L @ geocities! 😮 Also, I added my latest work, Loogie‘s Cyber RS Revision. Look for it by clicking “Downloads” on the nav to the left, of course.

Also, I would like to bring to your attention 2 things in gaming: there’s a new 7-map Rats CS pack out @ Planet Half-Life; also, Threewave is pretty cool. Snake bitched about me getting it all week… well, I haven’t played it much but I saw it @ his house. I like the menu system, and Coral CTF’s a great-looking map. And while I’m on the topic of tech news, Intel announced that it will no longer be using RDRAM (RAMBUS) in their motherboards. DDR all the way now 8) .

Finally… in the past couple of months or so, Snake and I have been getting songs w/ Audiogalaxy instead of Aimster, and here’s the main groups we (or either of us) get(s) now:

BT | Future Sound of London | Enigma | Adam F.
Tourach | NIN | Metallica

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