Where’s Loogie been?, u ask? Well, I’ve just been chillin, not doin much cept workin and gettin 1337 new parts for The Wad2 (no, not 1,337 parts; it means leet, or “elite”, llama 😀 )… cause I can’t play games now w/out lockin… not sure why, pretty sure it’s my POS mobo… and me yesterday upgradin to WinXP Corp helped a bit… and KAZAA AND WINMX ARE THE BEST P2PS!!! Whatever, I need to start typing in structure before this sounds like a gandalf post 😛 .

Speaking of WinXP Corp, I just had a very intlol session @ snake’s house where we tried to install his queer modems 😮 under XP! Yeh… we tried for 5 hours, through loads of driver and IRQ errors, and snake finally got it…

-Snake, creator of Boom

Revision (12:30AM, 7/1/02): Notice my Tony Hawk 3 demo in the ticker above 8) .

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