Pending Surge

Yesterday, I went to Best Buy and and bought (yes, actually bought! 😛 ) Soldier of Fortune 2, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, and Serious Sam 2… both for my further entertainment of new DirectX8.1 games (w/ my DirectX8.1 video card 😀 ), and for more gaming boomage at the next Surge (not sure what exact #, but it’s 3.x) [2.6]. It’s scheduled for this Tuesday afternoon till Thursday afternoon. Depending on who comes, we have scheduled 3-5 people already, and would like more. I’m hosting it this time, so if u’re interested, ask me my address and such on AIM or MSN (I hate email :) )… my contacts are on my staff page on the nav to the left. My house’s power grid probably can’t handle more than a few PCs (one of those scheduled is a laptop, fortunately), but since 8 ppl probably won’t come anyway, whatever. We’ll be using the Netgear switch like before (I’m currently on the network right now), w/ straight-through CAT5/6 cable and NICs, and tons of games to either bring urself, or download from me in a matter of a few seconds.

Anyway, that’s all… b4ck-0n-th3-g4m|ng-sc3n3 L00g|3 is out.

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