Site updates

I did some modifications to the Imagefolio script earlier. It’s now not so much of a security hazard 😕 (as in, it doesn’t show unnecesary directories) and only shows image files. It always confused me as to why IMAGEfolio showed more than just images, but now it doesn’t…so boom.

Also, I’ve been playing Deus Ex again (seems to have a bit more flavor with XP). Of course, that means also that I’m working on the unfinished but ongoing “How to Deus” Column. You can find it, with the new additions, here.

And if that wasn’t enough, I did two additions to my ghEtTO Hardware Modifications Column. That can be found here.

Loog just came by and delivered his old Seagate 20GB HDD. So, now that I’m off work 😉 , I’ll be swapping the 4GB Maxtor with the Seagate and researching some more Deus.

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