And here’s the news.

You know it’s time to do some news when people start getting angry about the lack of news. There’s not really anything newsworthy to throw out, though. Most of it is recent developments. For one, both Gandalf and Rachael have their own journal here. And Rachael helped me fix a huge bug in the journal script, today.

Today, I started working on a timeline of the history of S&L. It’s a very long image, separated by clan and host eras. Much of the early S&L isn’t documented, though, as we had no Columns or news back then. It’s very schweet seeing everything layed out graphically, though. I’ll post it somewhere, probably as a Column, on a later date.

We’ll be having a rippage event on Halloween once again this year (codename S4) and then the next day, we Surge …3.0 style 8) . It’s possible that we may actually have 4 people for this event. With even teams, we’ll probably be playing a lot more of the good stuff (TFC and UT). This will be one for the history books…er, timeline.

Well, that’s pretty much it. Be sure to look at our journals, as they get updated more often 😉 .

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