jDoom and You

Since version 1.13, jDoom has surpassed the other ports as the leader in all aspects. It has decent multiplayer support (although no splitscreen like Legacy), excellent lighting/particle effects, support for models, a great console/command-line/control panel system, the usual HUD and control options, and finally working EAX (and it sounds awesome). But something that I have really found ingenious and essential to the refurbishing of the game is the high-quality textures. Being the pixel pimp that I am, I have already started making my own flats for Doom. Usually, I take the old texture and bring it up to 128x128x24 and then tile it, so I can get to work. It takes a good hour to redo the texture well, but the results are more than pleasing. Take a look at some of my flat (a flat is a square ceiling or floor texture) work in these screenies:

Getting jDoom is pretty straight-forward, unless you want the models (you want the models!). In which case, it’s kinda confusing. So here’s how to get jDoom.
1. Acquire an IWAD. The shareware (doom1.wad) is everywhere and that should suffice for many, but Doom.wad or Doom2.wad is preferable. They can be found in various places (*cough*cough*S&L*cough*ftp), but few really sell them anymore.
2. Download the main Doomsday package. Linkage. It’s a Next>Next>Install>Finish sort of deal, you shouldn’t need to change any defaults.
3. Get the KickStart2 launcher. Linkage. You’ll need this to “launch” jDoom, since once you’re inside the game, some things can’t be changed, such as graphics API, IWAD, and initializations.
4. Get the models! If you have a pretty modern rig, you’ll want these, because they totally submit that “New Doom” feel. Linkage. Linkage. Optional Linkage (Hi-Res skins).
5. DOWNLOAD MY REFURBISHED FLATS! Linkage. Follow the instructions in the comments.
6. Say “Boom”. 8)

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