I should be working on school shit, but I feel it’s time for an update to the site status: Everything is groovy, bitches.

Some time ago I started work on a Column to showcase all the VB apps I’ve made. It’s not nearly done, yet, and I’ll probably have to finish it during Christmas break, but you can still see it here. By the way, it uses my new background effect, grid transparency: You make a 2x2pix image and make the opposite corner pixels either a solid color or transparent (as in the GIF spec), and this creates an opacity effect of 50%. Very neat, albeit it doesn’t work in some browsers and is CPU intensive. Oh well.

Also, I updated the Flash nav to the left finally. I changed the Columns around, cut a staff listing, and changed the link for Downloads. And, if I hadn’t mentioned it before, I changed the site background–simple effect, reminds me of a cross between the Halo 17 album art and Matrix cover art, yet shrouded in blue. It’s actually an amalgamation of a picture of Beckie and one of Rachael.

I had a vision a few days ago of a mail redirection script, so I made that today. Obviously, there are bots that scan web pages in search of E-mail addresses (the @ and .com, .net, etc. are dead give-aways), so this script makes it impossible to phish any of the email addresses here. That is, once I’ve implimented it throughout the site. Most of the links to mail me are done, already, though. The greatest part about this script is its simplicity and mobility. There are only about 15 lines of code involved and if you change email addresses, you only need to change the script and you will still get email from whatever pages you listed the email on. It’s also easy to impliment the script. Just point to the script URL and add ?u=Username&s=Subject. This script is so awesome, I should submit it somewhere like The CGI Resource Index.

I’ve also been working on VB apps, of course. You can follow the story behind my Rise of Nations Script Maker at RoN Heaven. Then, I’ve made major improvements to the MX510 application-specific buttons tool since the last post about it. It now uses two apps, one to monitor the foreground window in order to notify the Logitech software and another to work with schemes for different apps. Development of this app is slowed because it has problems with starting communications with EM_EXEC.EXE and crashing in new builds. Last night, I spent hours decompiling and trying to reverse engineer EVENTEX.DLL–must have crashed WDSM and VB6 like 20 fucking times. Thought I found the weak spot and changed some assembly code at about hmm…Offset 100206BD (see, it’s burned into my memory, now). Alas, I only succeeded in making the mother fucker delete my Current User registery HKey 😕 . Luckily, I installed DX9.01c the other day and that made a System Restore Point. Microsoft saved my ass that time. Really, though…they should make it impossible to delete an entire registry root key. Anyways, my program is perfectly safe and available at

I also fixed the MBM Interval Log upload. Didn’t know the host IP changed.

Later, dudes.

P.S. I’m single. Date me, womens!

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