Snake doing stuff

Doing stuff not really related to the site, but nonetheless having to do with me and making shit on the internet. I spent two hours today making a quiz at, because I guess I didn’t really have anything important to do and a person was pestering me. It’s neat, though, and filled with my raunchy humor. Find out what item on Snake’s desk you are?.

Also, a few months ago I did a remix of a lot of NIN tracks; then a couple days ago, I reworked some more of it. I was surprised that it didn’t suck too bad and that some people actually liked it, so I uploaded it to the site seeing as it now has unlimited storage. You can download it from here. I mixed parts from several different works Trent has done: Erased, Over, Out (A Remix of Eraser from Halo 8) from Halo 10; Start (Whisper) and The Quake Theme from the Quake OST; A Warm Place and The Downward Spiral from Halo 8; and Videodrones from The Lost Highway OST. Well, that’s enough about that.

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