Still at work.

Apparently, Summer is always the time when I get new content on the site. I’m back at working on the How to Deus Column. It’s nearly doubled in size. There are tons of new images and exploration and general tips. I may not get all the way through the game on the Column this time around, but maybe the 10th time I play Deus Ex I will. 😉

I also updated the Columns list. You know, the one you get to by clicking “Columns Index” in the “Columns” section of the flash navigation. I added the aforementioned Deus Column and the (I have yet to come up with a simple name for this) Desktop/Laptop sharing guide.

You may also notice the slightly new background. I did a remix of the last wallpaper. At first, it turned out like some funky crap, but I took out some of the gayer image elements and made it deceptively simple. I also managed to slip in an int picture of myself.

I also went through the links section to update URLs and delete old links (i.e. AudioGalaxy 😀 ). The link checker portion of Links2 decided to start working, which is about par for that script. You may recall the admin part of it miraculously working several months ago. While I was at it, I filtered out some of the lame/related-to-illegal-substances quotes. There haven’t been any new quotes in a while. I’m contemplating putting quotes from my AIM info in there nowadays.

So, yeh…that’s it.

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