CounterStrike: Source Server

Vicky and I have been playing a lot of CS lately. To help alleviate my desktop from all the bots and server-side crap, I’ve set up the laptop to run the source dedicated server. It only has enough bandwidth for like 8 players (42kbps / 5kbps = 8players), but we fill it up to 12 players with bots and that works out for us most of the time. Sometimes a few other people will join, but most of them quit pretty soon when they realize it’s mostly bots. Or they get pissed cause I pwn the fuck out of them. Since I never actually take my laptop anywhere, I figured I’d just let the server run 24/7. It hardly uses any cpu and none when nobody is on it. Also, I have this site serving up the custom content downloads for the server, making it fast as fuck to dl new maps. And it uses the Mani Admin Plugin to allow nextmap voting and some other cool game tricks like unlimited grenades. Here’s a pic of the server running on the laptop, taken by the new webcam.

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