Mouse App and Content System

I’m generally done with the content system now. It took about 400 lines of mixed PHP and HTML code and has the typical assortment of PHP/MySQL functions: IDs; searching for specific fields; sorting by title, status, date, and downloads; sorting ascending and descending; page viewing with results per page selection, page navigation, and page jumps; and HTML template insertion. It looks pretty, too. Just coding the page and sorting navigation tables took two days to get right. The MySQL stuff was pretty easy and only took a day. The apps pages and downloads should all be working now. The only thing left to do is the download counting and putting everything else into the database. I meant to get to this today but got side-tracked with another project.

That project was my MX510 App-Specific Mouse Buttons program. After several hours of disassembling the MouseWare, I finally came up with the location of the exact call for the “Refresh Buttons” message. It’s line 10206 in eventex.dll (in the last version, 9.80). The “Refresh Buttons” message is sent by the mouse control panel to em_exec.exe when you modify a mouse button. This is why the button functions are updated immediately, as em_exec is the program that handles custom button functions. Anyways, this new knowledge of the MouseWare’s internal workings, I finally figured out how to get rid of the crashing associated with my previous builds. I would now even recommend it over the Logigamer app for MX510 users. It would be nice if I could support other MouseWare mice, but I lack the knowledge (each mouse has different registry paths) for this.

Getting all the items into the content and downloads databases will take the rest of the week probably. Then, the Columns section will just be a mod of the content system, but it will take weeks to get all the columns formatted. Still got plenty to do.

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