Dungeon Crawler II and other cool shit.

I’ve finally gotten my TI-8x calculator RPG into a playable beta state! There’s still plenty left to do on it yet, but one may try out the new map, key, and xp systems if they like. More information and the download can be found here. Here’s a few screenshots of screens I changed:

I cleaned up the About page some yesterday–updating hardware and site descriptions. I also got my much needed uninterruptible power supply (UPS) on Monday. It has a slight hum and is heavy as fuck, but these don’t matter so much now that it’s tucked behind my loud PC. I actually had it cut on briefly for the first time a couple hours ago. The power flickered but the computer was unaffected. There’s a picture of the UPS and power cord goodness below.

I also came into the company of a new cat recently–a male tabby which I think we’re calling Gordon and you can see why.

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