Deus Ex: Human Revolution Exploration Checklist

This is a list of all the special items I’ve found in Deus Ex: Human Revolution: weapon mods, Praxis kits, XP e-books, etc.  I made this list so I can remember to find them again, keep track of what I’ve found, and maybe help you find them too.

Sarif Manufacturing Plant

  1. Damage mod in a crate in Storage Room 3 of the Sarif manufacturing plant.
  2. XP E-book in the security room just before the live turret blocks your path.  Look under the small box.  Map
  3. XP E-book on the desk just outside of Josie Thorpe’s office.  Map

Detroit – Sarif HQ

  1. XP E-book on Pritchard’s desk.  Map
  2. XP E-book in office 27 of Sarif HQ.  Map
  3. XP E-book in office 25 of Sarif HQ.
  4. Ammo capacity mod in the storage room near/below the Sarif HQ helipad


  1. XP E-book on a cart in the surgery hall at the LIMB clinic.  Map
  2. XP E-book on the night stand in the bedroom of Josie and Greg Thorpe’s apartment.  Map
  3. XP E-book in Seurat’s (the arms dealer) bedroom.  Map
  4. Reload mod in a locker in the police station basement.  Map
  5. XP E-book on the desk in the police station morgue.
  6. XP E-book in Jensen’s apartment bedroom.
  7. XP E-book on the desk in the “chop shop” apartment.  It’s in the same building as Tindall, but requires either level 5 hacking or finding the code (tall fence near police station).  Map
  8. Praxis kit in the same room as the previous.
  9. Reload Speed Mod found above the fire escape just inside DRB territory. Jump aug required.
  10. XP E-book on the ground level of DRB territory.  Map
  11. Praxis Kit found behind a weak wall near the sewer exit into the DRB territory.  Map
  12. Ammo mod in a storage unit near Sarif HQ. Same place where Zeke Sanders asks you to meet him (if you let him live).  Map

FEMA Facility

  1. Reload Speed mod behind some boxes in a security office just beyond the interrogation area.
  2. XP E-book in a locked room adjacent to the cafeteria.

Hengsha – Kuaigan & Daigong Districts

  1. There’s a Hive membership card in a guest room on the third floor of the Hung Hua Hotel.
  2. Reload Speed mod in a storage unit near the Hung Hua Hotel.  Map
  3. Praxis Kit hidden in a breakable wall in the sewers near the Hung Hua Hotel.  Map
  4. Targeting mod in a storage unit just west of The Hive.  Map
  5. Rate of Fire mod in a room in the basement on The Hive.
  6. XP E-book in the security room near the entrance to The Hive.  Map
  7. XP E-book in Tong’s office in The Hive. (Beware: It is possible to make this E-book unobtainable by using the nearby vent to listen in on Tong’s conversation.)
  8. Rate of Fire mod behind a breakable wall on the second floor of Alice Pods–just above the arms dealer in the supply room.
  9. Armor-piercing mod behind some boxes next to the stairs on the ground floor of Alice Pods.  Map
  10. XP E-book in pod 143 of Alice Pods.  Map

Hengsha – Youzhao District

  1. Ammo Capacity mod in a storage unit near the Harvester parking garage.  Map
  2. Ammo Capacity mod behind a fence on a catwalk.  Map
  3. XP E-book on the second floor of the southernmost apartment building in the Youzhao District.  Map
  4. XP E-book in one of the apartments near to the central Youzhao entrance.  It’s the one that’s not Lee Hong’s apartment.  Map
  5. Praxis Kit at the bottom of the elevator shaft of Hengsha Court Gardens apartments.
  6. XP E-book in the apartment to the left of the main entrance from the courtyard of Hengsha Court Gardens.  Map

Tai Yong Medical

  1. Ammo Capacity mod in a locker above the Cryo-Storage area of Tai Yong Medical. Use the catwalk path.
  2. Reload Speed mod in a large shaft in the pangu section of Tai Yong Medical. Can only get there through a vent.  Icarus augmentation is helpful.
  3. XP E-book in the same location as previous.
  4. XP E-book laying on some boxes in the large room just beyond the security checkpoint into the labs proper.  Map
  5. Praxis Kit found in a desk drawer in the Tai Yong Medical labs.  Map
  6. XP E-book in the left hangar control room.  Map


  1. Ammo Capacity mod on the Picus roof.
  2. Praxis Kit found in one of the desk drawers in the Picus newsroom.  Map
  3. Rate of Fire mod in the mensroom near the Picus newsroom.  Map
  4. XP E-book in the Picus studio control room.  Map
  5. Silencer in a drawer concealed by boxes in the Picus studio.
  6. XP E-book in an office just before the lowest level of Picus (boss floor).  Map
  7. Reload speed mod in an office on the lowest level of Picus.  Map

Detroit Return

  1. XP E-book backstage at the convention center just outside of Taggert’s dressing room.  It’s next to the coffee maker in the room where the two guards are watching TV.  Map
  2. A quite obvious Praxis Kit on the floor of Sandoval’s apartment. Beware: It’s a trap!
  3. XP E-Book on Sandoval’s desk in his underground liar.
  4. Ammo capacity mod in a wall cavity in the sewers just after the Sandoval encounter.  Map

Hengsha Return

  1. Damage mod in a cell on the lowest level of the Harvester garage.
  2. XP E-Book on a desk in the operating room of the Harvester parking garage.  Map
  3. Ammo capacity mod in a safe next to Tracer Tong’s computer on the lowest level of the Harvester garage.
  4. Cooling mod in another safe on the middle level of the Harvester garage.

Hengsha Docks

  1. Target Leading mod in a shipping container at the Hengsha Docks. It’s near the entrance gate and on top of other containers.  Map
  2. Rate of Fire mod in a storage unit on the west side of the Hengsha docks area.
  3. Damage mod in a storage unit on the west side of the Hengsha docks area.  Map
  4. Reload speed mod on the south side of the upper level of the Hengsha docks warehouse; near the sniper walkway.  Map

Omega Ranch

  1. Ammo capacity mod inside a supply closet at the start of Omega Ranch.  Map
  2. Reload speed mod in the locked dormitory of the Omega Ranch barracks.Map
  3. Damage mod in the armory of the Omega Ranch barracks.  Map
  4. XP E-book in storage room G-23 on the second floor of the main facility.  Map
  5. Target seeking mod in a supply closet just before the elevator to the restricted area of Omega Ranch.  Map
  6. XP E-Book in Doctor Reed’s safe at Omega Ranch. Requires Level 5 Hacking.
  7. Cooling mod in the hidden room in Hanger 18 of Omega Ranch.  A crate is blocking an open vent.  Map


  1. Burst round mod in a cargo container in the exterior area of Panchaea.  Map
  2. Cooling mod in a dormitory of the Panchea tower. Only reached through a vent in a nearby room.  Map

8 Responses to Deus Ex: Human Revolution Exploration Checklist

  1. Adam USA says:

    Also, there is an ammo capacity mod on top of the lockers, behind the breakable wall on top of Jensen’s apartment building, when he first gets dropped of upon returning to Detroit.

    • Snake USA says:

      I vaguely remember this being an out-of-the-way maintenance area but I don’t recall the mod being there. So thanks for the tip, I’ll check it out sometime.

  2. RayFre POL says:

    Thanks is really helpful ! 😀

  3. Cruzore DEU says:

    I think you forgot a rate of fire upgrade in detroit, police station. The armory at second floor, which door you can open with a hackable monitor(lvl 3) nearby. It’s in a personell only part though, and a police officer nearby who is easily knocked out.

  4. Nathan USA says:

    An Ammo Capacity mod was missed. FEMA Facility, Abandoned Factory section. In the northernmost room with the lone sleeping soldier. A computer terminal is available to be hacked.

    Links for screenshot and map location.

    On Map:
    In game:


    Nathan. =)

    • Snake USA says:

      Thanks for letting me know about this. I’ll check it out next time I replay the game. Like the last mod I missed adding, it’s relatively easy to find, which is probably why I forgot to add it.

  5. Nerava USA says:

    It looks like you missed the armor piercing system in Jensen’s “secret stash” in his apartment.

    • Snake USA says:

      It appears so. Although, I know I’ve been in the secret stash plenty of times before. I’ll look into this next time I replay. 😉

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