Deus Ex: Invisible War Multitool Glitch
Revision: 9-10-08

If you've played DX2 on the PC (I dunno about XBOX; it's for fags), you probably noticed a glitch early on that affects multitools. You'll first become aware of it once you start exploring around Seattle. You may go to pick up a multitool and it says your inventory is full (either that or it separates the one multitool from the others). When this happened to me, I thought it was extremely queer that I could only carry 4 multitools grouped in inventory. But then a few minutes later, I picked up another multitool that did group with the others.

This led me to the conclusion that there are two types of multitools placed throughout the game. Type 1 multitools are the ones you'll start collecting first in the Tarsus Academy levels; they are more abundant. Type 2's are fairly rare, but they have an advantage that I will share in a moment. The functionality of the two types of multitools is the same. I believe they were caused by a programming and map design oversight in the Unreal engine.

Multitool Ritual

There's something special about the Type 2 multitools. They can be used to spawn more Type 2 multitools with the assistance of a Type 1 multitool. This works in just about every level I've tried it in. The only problem is finding where it spawns the new Type 2's at, usually.

Here's how it works: You'll need one of each type of multitool. Put the Type 1 in your inventory and try to pick up the Type 2 many times (each time you do so creates a multitool, so do it for as many times as multitools you want). Drop the Type 1 multitool and then try and find the spawn point for the Type 2's on the current map. Some times, the spawn point is inaccessible, so try another map to perform the ritual on. There are some known spawn points below. Using this glitch, you'll never run out of Type 2 multitools. All you need to do to summon some more up is to find another Type 1. This could be considered cheating, though. But then, this game could also be considered a turd compared to the first Deus Ex--thank you, retarded console assholes.

The ritual in practice: In the Order mosque of Cairo, go to the office that overlooks the main room (it's up the stairs on the arcology side of the mosque). Look out the little window so that you can see Billie and drop all of your Type 2 multitools there. If you don't have a Type 2 multitool, you can find one on the medina side of the mosque laying on a rafter. Pick up the Type 1 multitool that is under the office desk . Go back to the Type 2 multitools and try to pick one up repeatedly. Eventually, you should see it raining multitools in the main room . If you don't see it rain multitools, try throwing a basket up into the dome of the main room to coax them down (sometimes, they ted to stick inside each other). These are Type 2 multitools. Drop your Type 1 multitool and pick up the Type 2's . You can carry 20 of them and they work just like Type 1's.

Known Multitool Spawn Locations