CTF-2fort 1-19-01
Status: Beta/Abandoned
Game: Unreal Tournament
Downloads: 35

In my first attempt to get into UT mapping, I thought I'd convert a familar favorite of mine to the engine and give it a new style of my own. Obviously, that favorite was 2fort (Two Fortresses) from TFC. I was making good progress and probably would have finished if it weren't for a comment I read in PCG about everybody making 2fort over again in UT. I never thought to look if someone had already done it, but I stopped working on it nonetheless. But here it is at about 40% completion. The bridge, battlements, and battlement respawns are all done. The flag has been placed in the little entry area for testing. I spent a lot of time doing the bot pathing, so that works really well, except if they go in the water with the flag (didn't do a water exit). And like I'd wanted, the style is sorta unique while maintaining the layout closely.

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