Eraser (Warm Inside Mix) 9-12-05
Status: Release/Final
Media Format: Music (MP3)
Downloads: 151

This is a mix of several works by Trent Reznor. It originally sprung out of a tweak of "Erased, Over, Out" that I did, so that's why I list it as a remix of "Eraser". In the first part is the modified Eraser, but the second part is a mix of some more subdued tracks. To the novice listener, it can be quite a disturbing piece. Here's a list of all the tracks used: Erased, Over, Out (A Remix of Eraser from Halo 8) from Halo 10; Start (Whisper) and The Quake Theme from the Quake OST; A Warm Place and The Downward Spiral from Halo 8; and Videodrones from The Lost Highway OST.

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