NNN 6 3-25-03
Status: Release/Final
Media Format: Video (Quicktime)
Downloads: 104

In my second venture into high school news editing, I started with a simple intro idea with an old and new version of a song (Mrs. Robinson, though not for any implicit reason) over black and white and then color video clips played at a high framerate. This didn't bother certain administrators as much as my Burn intro. Some of the news stuff is kinda interesting, but the interview with the principal is obviously just filler. Generally, all of this episode was edited by me (even the preview for the faggot car thing). This is actually the "Uncut" version of the episode, as of course, they didn't let us use the "Computer Upgrade" segment. That was done in my back yard with Danky and Loogie "upgrading" and me filming. This one is compressed with Quicktime because that's the only decent format we could get the gayMac to export to.

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