Monitor Standby 4-10-09
Status: Release/Final
Language: C++
Platform: Win9x, WinNT, Win2000/XP
Downloads: 224

I made this simple app as a replacement to using the blank screensaver when I'm leaving the computer (usually for the night). Instead of the monitor(s) eventually going to standby after a certain idle time, they'll go immediately when you run this program. This saves power (since I know I won't be back for awhile) and keeps the backlight glow from disturbing my sleep. When I say "simple app", I mean really simple, like 1 line of code simple. It takes a single function call to perform, but yet Microsoft couldn't be bothered to include this anywhere in Windows' interface. It actually took me more time to make the icon than to do the code.

Tip: If you put a shortcut to this program in your Start Menu somewhere, you can set the "Shortcut key" to whatever hotkey you want and use that to put the monitor(s) into standby.

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