Advanced Steam Widget


This WordPress plugin will add a widget that displays your Steam gaming statistics. It employs caching to keep your site’s performance up and make it less susceptible to Steam outages or errors.

The widget comes with the following preset looks (see screenshots) that you can easily switch between:

  • Profile Only
  • Profile Small
  • Profile + Games
  • Games Only
  • Games Grid
  • Full-page Profile

You can also customize the widget to suit your needs by editing the templates, which support the following attributes pulled from your Steam profile:

  • Recently Played Games
    • Game Name
    • Steam URL
    • Player Stats URL
    • Icon URL (32)
    • Small Logo URL (120 x 45)
    • Large Logo URL (184 x 69)
    • Time Played Last Two Weeks
    • Time Played Total
  • Player Profile
    • Steam Username
    • 64-bit Steam ID
    • Status
    • Profile URL
    • Avatar Icon URL (32)
    • Avatar Medium URL (64)
    • Avatar Large URL (184)
    • Time Played Last Two Weeks




Advanced Steam Widget

96 kB - ZIP

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32 Responses to Advanced Steam Widget

  1. need to clean up this plugin, separate the styles into a css file so that the main code is easier to follow to fix any WP errors

    you might want to then post it on github where it can be fixed easily down the road

    it appears that there are some syntax errors present

    • Snake USA says:

      Sure, I’ll get right on that. 😛

      They’re decent ideas, though, honestly. I just have other priorities right now.

  2. Belvac Tony GBR says:

    Can you use this to display a steam groups members currently playing?

    • Snake USA says:

      There is no group support. However, you can add a widget for every group member, which might suit your needs provided you have a small group.

  3. Sean USA says:

    Is it possible to use this plugin to just get a list of steam games?

  4. zigstum GBR says:

    How would I go about making this plugin show the details of the currently logged in steam user? My users will only be able to register via steamlogin, so will all have a steamid available in their profile data.

    • Snake USA says:

      What you’re describing is not a function of this plugin. The best you can do with multi-users right now is to make creative use of the visibility settings on multiple steam widgets.

  5. djquad USA says:

    Your plugin broke.

  6. brokkr DNK says:

    It used to work for me but a fresh install of version 4.2.4 has a problem. Regardless of widget settings I get the following error:

    Notice: Undefined variable: game_output in /srv/www/wpbrokkr/wp-content/plugins/advanced-steam-widget/steam_widget.php on line 454

    And so it seems that whatever is output defaults to your profile (Profile: Snake. Games played: Counterstrike Source @ 5.4 hours over the past two weeks)

    You can see the error displayed on my new site:
    and contrast it with a working model on the old site running an older version of WordPress:

    • brokkr DNK says:

      Apologies. It turns out I was a bit too hasty: Apparently it just took some time for the correct data to be downloaded. And the error print was due to me having ‘debug’ set to true in wp-config. Everything works as intended. Thanks for the plugin.

  7. 2 questions: 1) Is this compatible with wordpress version 3.9.1? and 2) if yes, how do i get this to work from my dashboard?

  8. Bobesz HUN says:

    I tried, but I find that one of the steam ID does not work on my site.
    I tried identifiers:
    STEAM64 ID
    custum url
    What could be the problem?
    The site can be seen in the phenomenon.

  9. jacquesahlers NLD says:


    Do you make paid modifications for this widget ?

  10. Is this plugin still being maintained. I see that it received an update just about two months ago (acording to WordPress), but I’m having trouble seeing that it works. I enter my ID, but it’s not fetching any data.

  11. Have you thought in a stand alone version?

    • Snake USA says:

      based on your review, i assume you mean a version that’s more than just a widget. yes, i’ve thought about it. unfortunately, the code as it’s written now is specifically for widgets and the shortcode was just a hack to put the widget wherever you put the shortcode. i’d have to rewrite a lot of the plugin to make it work better for embedding in posts and pages, and i don’t really have much desire to do so at the moment. but if more people download the plugin and request this, i may consider it. 😉

  12. Is it possible to use this as a shortcode? Any plans on implementing that in the future?

    • Snake USA says:

      actually, i was just thinking about doing so the other day. adding shortcode support should be a cinch, but then I also have to create a template for full-width display, too. but you should expect it eventually. 😉

  13. perreminfarstrider USA says:

    Is there any chance you could give us newbies a look at what we would need to do to get the widget to look the way it appears in the second image?

    • Snake USA says:

      Try inserting the following before %GAMES_TWOWEEKS% in the main template.

      <div style="background: #f8f8f8; margin-bottom: 12px; height: 72px; color: #666666; line-height: 18px; font-size: 12px;">
      <img style="border: 4px solid #CCCCCC; border-radius: 2px; float: left; margin-right: 8px;" src="%AVATAR_MEDIUM%">
      <div style="font-weight: bold; font-size: 16px; padding-top: 8px;">%USERNAME%</div>
      <div>%HOURS_TWOWEEKS% hrs / 2 wks</div>
      <div><a href="steam://friends/add/%ID64%" rel="nofollow">Add to Friends</a></div>

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