Bitwise Operations

Windows 2000/XP, Windows 9x, Windows Vista/7
Bitwise Operations

Bitwise Operations

Bitwise Operations is a little app I created way back in 2004—when I was still using VB6—to assist with calculating the necessary bitwise operation for an algorithm.  Even now, I frequently run into situations where a bit of fiddling with this sandbox is helpful for visualizing the bits, bytes, and hex of a multi-byte integer.

I’d love to update this to have a more intuitive UI, more operators, and 8-byte integer support; but maybe it’ll still help someone in the meantime.

How To Use

This program has three main parts to it.  The first is an area labeled “Bits” which allows you to select whether an individual bit is on or off.  You can see changes to the bits reflected in the “Conversions” area and vice versa.  Conversions shows every byte of the integer in binary, decimal, and hex, and on the far right the total in decimal and hex.

The last part to this program lets you take an input integer (the first box) and apply a logic operation (second box) and an arithmetic operator (third box) to get a final result (last box).  This is the part of the program that helps you figure out which operations you need to do to extract certain bits or bytes from an integer.



Bitwise Operations

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