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The following is a list of games that are either confirmed or reported fixed by Cursor Lock.  If you have another to report, post it in the comments below.

If a game is not on this list, that doesn’t mean Cursor Lock won’t work for it.  Honestly, Cursor Lock has never been confirmed to not work for any particular game.  This is more a list of offending games, really.

Game Fixed? Notes
Rise of Nations / Thrones and Patriots Confirmed Lock nations.exe or patriots.exe. Open rise.exe or thrones.exe
Neverwinter Nights Confirmed Lock nwmain.exe
Civilization 4 Confirmed
Starcraft Confirmed
Titan Quest Confirmed
Grand Theft Auto 3 Confirmed
Hellgate: London Confirmed Mouse drifts only when the cursor is visible (i.e. inventory screen)
Sid Meier’s Pirates Confirmed
The Witcher Confirmed
RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 Confirmed
The Sims 2 Confirmed
Fallout: New Vegas Confirmed Mouse can’t click or be seen, but it still moves around on other screens.
Empire: Total War Confirmed
Napoleon: Total War Confirmed Hotkeys don’t work?
Total War: Shogun 2 Reported
Total War: Rome 2 Reported
Tropico 4 Confirmed
Company of Heroes Reported Problem is intermittent
TESV: Skyrim Reported
Dead Space Reported
DEFCON Reported
World of Goo Reported
Baldur’s Gate Reported Open Baldur.exe. Lock BGMain2.exe
League of Legends Reported
Sins of a Solar Empire Reported
Dark Souls Reported
Age of Empires Online Reported
Watch Dogs Unclear Lock: bin\watch_dogs.exe
Assassins Creed 2 Unclear


32 Responses to Fixed Apps

  1. AP USA says:

    You can also add Roblox, the window lock works but the window interior does not.

  2. Story USA says:

    Works with Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy

  3. Gpintye HUN says:

    It works well with Total War Troy with no issue, so you can add that to the list

  4. PaperBucket MEX says:

    METRO: Last Light can be added to the list.

  5. lusan USA says:

    You can add the House of the Dead 2 to the list.

  6. Anon PHL says:

    Works really well with Altitude (A very obscure 2D airplane battle game in Steam. If you haven’t played it yet, try it. It’s amazing).

  7. Idontlikemakingaccounts USA says:

    Makes Enter the Gungeon work great in windowed with 10ms rate, thanks!

  8. A Tankist NLD says:

    World of Tanks is not working with Cursor Lock, although i have a different setup. I use my IPad as a monitor.

  9. Why is this program still necessary? Anyways, it works brilliant for Crusader Kings 2. Very easy to setup and eliminates all the headaches of having more than one monitor.

  10. Aralox AUS says:

    Works well with Endless Legend, thanks!

  11. Chris BEL says:

    Works great for Europa Universalis 4 and Victoria 2.

  12. djmartrix AUS says:

    i had a prob with Dayz SA. the cursor would drift off screen to the second monitor. now with the lock its like i it should be.

    you’re a wizard harry, lol thanx so much dude. i was ripping my hair out trying to figure out how to fix this issue. so yeah Dayz SA is another offender of this problem, add it to the list

    thanx again

  13. Drakhor LUX says:

    Confirmed to work with Port Royale 3.

  14. Namiryu DEU says:

    Wildstar Confirmed Lock WildStar64.exe. Open Wildstar.exe.

  15. TheGatorade ITA says:

    Fixes Dark Souls (thank you very much) and Team Fortress 2/Other Source games (if playing windowed, sometimes you click out of the window while trying to shoot)

  16. I tried to use on DotA 2, it seemed to work while it loaded the first seconds, then the game simply closed and restarted by itself and it wasnt work anymore, did I do something wrong or Valve considers it cheat and do it intentionally ?

    • Snake USA says:

      That’d be pretty weird if Valve considered Cursor Lock a cheat, although it isn’t totally out of the question since it is launching the game as some hack programs also would. I think it’s more likely that the game is just not setup right. Be sure to read the Steam usage guide in the documentation.

  17. baddonut79 USA says:

    Works with Origin and C&C Generals/Zero Hour. Open Program set to Origin.exe and Lock Program set to Generals.exe. No issues so far but just tested it in a network game. I think this means it will work with any Origin game but I have not tested it on any others.

  18. LevelJump USA says:

    Fixes Dead Space!

  19. grand theft auto IV works with it.

  20. Graebeard CAN says:

    My pc with Win 7 has 3 screens and playing Age of Conan was a disaster. I found and installed Cursor Lock and it worked fine for a couple of weeks. All of a sudden, when I start up this Steam Game from the Desktop link ( as usual ), I get a message that Cursor Lock is still running, and should it be disconnected before it’s reloaded, and when the game starts Cursor Lock does not work. Should Cursor Lock be turned OFF after the game exits?



    • Snake USA says:

      sometimes games hang when they close and thus cursor lock doesn’t know whether or not it should close too. typically, if you get the popup about cursor lock already running, then you’ll want to choose “yes” to close the previous instance.

      • Graebeard CAN says:

        Thanks, Snake. I’ve chosen “yes” and the game does exit properly. It is a Steam game, but since it is launched with the Desktop link, the game exits back to the Desktop and not into Steam. Could that be the problem?

        • Snake USA says:

          not sure I completely follow what is wrong in your particular circumstance. but i have some indications that the detection of previous instances of cursor lock may need seem work. in any case, you might find “user mode” of cursor lock to be less problematic. you should try that and see if it suits.

          • Graebeard CAN says:

            Okay thanks. I think it’s good now. I set up the HotKey as Shift-Crtl-C, started Steam, then the game. When I was finally in the game, I hit the Hotkey and it worked. Using the Hotkey while on the Steam page or while the game was loading did not work. Seems like all the modules need to be in place.

  21. hibird SRB says:

    Can u tell me how to set up team fortress 2 to run in window mode without cursor geting out of widow i have regular monitor 1920×1080

  22. master control USA says:

    I am trying to use your program to play Empire Total War however I am running the DMUC mod which creates its own icons and launchers in the original game’s directory, and it runs through steam. The cursor locks upon initial launch, but as the mod gets launched within the game, the lock releases. Any ideas???

    • Snake USA says:

      you might make sure you’re setting the right executable to “lock program” (probably empire.exe) and checking “force lock”.

  23. Manfred Birkental DEU says:

    Hey there! Thank you so much for this sweet solution to the problem!! The video-tutorial makes it really easy to get started!! I tested CursorLock on Endless Space and Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion (both via Steam) and it worked just fine with two monitors attached. Greetings!

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