.Net Config File Library

C#.Net, Visual Basic .Net
Windows 2000/XP, Windows Vista/7

The .Net Config File Library is a wrapper for the Windows initialization (INI) file functions that simplifies and expands upon their existing functionality.  This library is available for use in any .Net-supporting language, i.e. Visual Basic, C#, and C++, or can be compiled directly into VB.Net applications.

Although Microsoft recommends using the Windows registry for saving settings between executions, INI config files have several advantages over using the registry that makes them perfect for small or portable applications.  I not only coded this library but use it in all of my apps as well. 😉


  • 19 functions for manipulating configs at the file, section, and key level
  • Support for ANSI and Unicode encodings
  • Included integrated documentation for Visual Studio
  • Included demo app for testing library functionality
  • Included source for library and demo
  • Included documentation and samples



  • Backup()
  • Clear()
  • Delete()
  • GetLocation()
  • GetEncoding()
  • RestoreBackup()
  • ClearSection()
  • CreateSection()
  • DeleteSection()
  • ReadSection()
  • ReadSectionNames()
  • ReadSectionString()
  • WriteSection()
  • ClearKey()
  • ReadKeyFloat()
  • ReadKeyInt()
  • ReadKeyString()
  • WriteKey()



.Net Config File Library

474 kB - ZIP



If you’ve used this library in your app to much success, maybe you’d like to contribute a monetary amount representing its perceived worth.

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