RoN Mod Merge

Windows 2000/XP, Windows 9x

This app allows you to select two or more of your Rise of Nations mods and merge them together. This only works with mods that are capable of being selected in the RoN Mods option in game setups (i.e. they have a subdirectory in .\mods and an info.xml file in that). At this time, whether or not the merge works correctly is still hit or miss; mainly only works with small gameplay tweaks and not total conversions. Also, it only works with the expansion Thrones and Patriots.

Requires: VB6 Runtimes and MSXML 4.0.


  • Merging of two or more qualified mods.
  • Merged mod is also qualified and selectable in the RoN game setup.
  • Outputs a log file for every merge that shows errors and comparison inequalities.
  • Easy-to-use GUI.
RoN Mod Merge

RoN Mod Merge

How To Use

When you open the app, you will see a list of your available mods. If you don’t have any mods, download some from fansites such as RoN Heaven or make your own. Select some mods in the left list and add them to the right list to have them merged. To change the priority, select a mod in the right list and click the move up/dn buttons. The top of the list is the highest priority as mods are merged from bottom to top. The merge will take a few seconds depending on CPU speed and the number of mods you’ve selected. If it shows a very high number of errors at completion, the mod may not work right or crash RoN. Use at your own risk.

To use the merged mod, go to a multiplayer or quick battle game setup and select “Mod Merge” in the mod list. Cross your fingers and start the game.



RoN Mod Merge

19 kB - ZIP


RoN Mod Merge Source

7 kB - ZIP

Also on RoN Heaven

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