Borderlands 2 Mods

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This page contains various mods I’ve made for Borderlands 2 that you can mix-n-match to suite your tastes. They should work with whatever version of the game is current as of 2024.

Console Command (Text) Mods

How to Use

These mods all use a batch command format to overwrite game variables. With the tool OpenBLCMM, these commands can be made modular and toggled to customize your mod experience. Multiple mods should always be merged together to ensure they load correctly and to only require a single batch execution command. Follow the steps below to get your mods working with OpenBLCMM.

  1. Download the mod archives and extract them somewhere.
  2. Download and run OpenBLCMM.
  3. Go to Tools > INI Tweaks and make sure that you have a key set to open the in-game console.
  4. Go to File > Import mod file and select the mods you want to use.
  5. You should see a tree with all the mods you added and child nodes containing different categories and even individual commands. Make sure all the mods you want to use are selected. You can also toggle the various categories if you don’t want specific changes. Be careful about disabling specific commands, though.
  6. Once you’re pleased with the changes, go to File > Save As and in the dialog that pops up, select the BL2 Binaries Dir button to take you to the correct directory for your batch file. Then give your mod a filename and save.
  7. Open Borderlands 2 (don’t load a game yet) and press the key you set to open the in-game console. Then enter exec modname.txt using the filename you chose before.
  8. That’s it. Your mods should be active now. If you ever want to make changes to them, make sure to exit the game first (you might be able to get away with just going back to the main menu for small changes, but it’s not guaranteed to work). You’ll have to repeat step 7 again every time you want to play with the mod (unless you use an autoloader).

Perfect Accuracy Mod

The main goal of this mod was to make it so that aiming down the sights on all weapons (sans shotguns and rocket launchers) was 100% accurate. So, if you were ever frustrated that your shots weren’t hitting even though your aim was dead-on, left feeling unsatisfied by the randomness of shooting, or feeling that your skill at aiming didn’t even matter, then this mod is for you!

The mod also makes a number of other changes regarding weapons. Many fixes and tweaks were necessary to offset the balance and gameplay issues that are created by rendering one of the five main weapon stats (mostly) superfluous. Additionally, all weapon handling has been tuned to make weapons feel better to shoot, and in some cases more challenging to shoot. The accuracy stat has also been replaced by recoil in all weapon cards as it is now more relevant. See below for the full list of changes.

At present, this mod is considered to be in an unfinished but playable state (beta). There are probably many more balance issues to be identified and considered, especially given the sheer amount of weapon variations. Additionally, the mod is only made for and tested with the base game and not any of the DLCs (simply because I do not own the DLCs), so unpredictable results are to be expected should you choose to use this with any DLC-added weapons, items, or characters. It can be used with new or existing characters. I don’t know if it can be used in multiplayer as I have no friends to play with. *sad violin*

The mod was made with the Unofficial Community Patch in mind, so it should work fine with that, although I would suggest disabling the change to Maya’s Mind’s Eye skill and the change to the Stomper Assault Rifle. Also, keep in mind that many of the included changes are modular and can be toggled on or off in BLCMM to match your desires.

  • Weapon Changes
    • Assault Rifles
      • Accuracy is 100% when aiming-down-sights (ADS)
      • Recoil is more vertical (i.e. less side-to-side) and slightly less overall
      • Feels a bit beefier but more stable
      • Has a slight damage buff
      • Spiniguns have larger mags (mostly just for fun)
    • SMGs
      • Accuracy is 100% when ADSed
      • Recoil is more vertical but kicks about the same amount as before
      • Has a slight damage buff
    • Pistols
      • Accuracy is 100% when ADSed
      • Recoil is slightly increased and feels less stable
        • Revolver recoil is increased by a lot
      • Recoil is more vertical
    • Shotguns
      • Slightly less spread
      • A lot more recoil, feels beefier
      • No longer have scopes, but can still have the holo-style sights
    • Snipers
      • Accuracy is 100% when ADSed (they were already close to 100%)
      • Feels a little beefier when fired
      • Only semi-auto now (balance nerf)
    • Rocket Launchers
      • A lot more recoil, especially when ADSed, and feel a lot beefier when fired
      • About 10-15% more accurate when ADSed
    • Hyperion Weapons
      • No longer do the silly inaccurate for the first few shots thing. Just have decreased recoil instead.
  • Other Changes
    • Accuracy is replaced with Recoil in all item stat cards.
    • Hip-fire max inaccuracy is lowered somewhat and recovers faster.
    • Jakobs spiniguns no longer fire multiple projectiles.

Borderlands 2 Perfect Accuracy Mod

8 kB - 7Z

Remove Panting Sounds

Just simply removes the annoying and useless panting sounds that some characters make while running. Characters can run forever, so the sound really serves no informational purpose, and I’m tired of Maya panting like my mother. 😳 Should work with the DLC characters, too.


Borderlands 2 Remove Panting Sounds Mod

2 kB - 7Z

Multiple Skills Per Level

Grants more than one skill point at level up. This makes the game a bit more enjoyable IMHO as you don’t have to spend so many levels pumping up a single skill and can explore the skill trees a bit more within a single playthrough. Does make the game somewhat easier (it would be too much of a pain to rebalance every single skill).

Defaults to 2 skills per level, but can be customized to 1.5 (alternating 1 and 2), 2.5, or 3 in BLCMM. 2 skills per level will get you through about one and a half skill trees in a single playthrough. 3 skills per level will get your through about two and a half skill trees. However, 3 skills per level is a massive cheat unless you’re modding the difficulty level up as well—but you know, whatever makes you happy.


Borderlands 2 Multiple Skills Per Level

1,008 B - 7Z

More Backpack Slots Per Upgrade

Download Coming

Python SDK Mods

How To Use

These mods inject themselves into the game code to change more core features than mere console commands can achieve. They’re basically as easy to install and use, though. Everything you need to know and a list of probably damn near all the mods are available at the Python SDK Mod Database.

Weapon Debug

This is a mod that I made to assist me in creating my accuracy mod above. It shows real-time stats on weapon handling characteristics and/or weapon parts attributes for whatever weapon your character has equipped. You can toggle the display of each using customizable hotkeys (defaults are F3 and F4). It’s probably mostly only useful for making weapon mods, although it can also reveal hidden weapon stats (like the 800% critical damage on the Fibber in the screenshot above).

Download from Github

Time of Day Changer

This mod allows you to change the in-game time of day using customizable hotkeys (defaults are F5, F6, and F7). This is mostly useful for recording footage or taking screenshots where you might want the lighting to look a certain way. You can check the console to see what time value was last set (the game uses a range of 0 to 200 where 0 is dusk).

Download from Github