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Diablo 2

This is a selection of modifications I’ve done for Diablo 2. They’re mostly small gameplay tweaks or fixes that you can mix and match with each other or mods from other authors as you see fit.

All mods require the Lord of Destruction expansion and at least version 1.12.  Some mods may have different requirements, though, so check the included readme files for more information.

Mods on this Page

  1. Demon Hunter Class
  2. Consistent Leveling
  3. 10 x 10 Stash
  4. Balanced Better Drops
  5. Fixed Font
  6. Easy Unsocket and Respec
  7. No Intro
  8. No Equipment Loss on Death

Demon Hunter Class Mod

This mod modifies the Amazon class to be more like the Demon Hunter from Diablo 3. This is mainly done by replacing the useless spear and javelin skills with all new skills. Many of these new skills are based on Assassin trap skills, so you could say that this is a merging of the two classes.

New Skills

  • Caltrops (1) — tosses a cluster of spikes to slow pursuers
  • Smoke Screen (6) — creates a cloud of smoke to cover your escape
  • Shock Turret (6) — constructs a turret that fires lightning bolts at nearby enemies
  • Poison Shuriken (12) — throws a poisoned ninja star that hits every enemy in its path
  • Engineering (12) — increases the number of shots that each turret takes
  • Grenades (18) — tosses a cluster of grenades that do fire damage in a small area
  • Fire Turret (18) — constructs a turret that fires exploding arrows at nearby enemies
  • Perimeter (24) — creates a magical barrier that enemies cannot cross
  • Mine (30) — drops a mine at your feet that does massive damage in a large area when triggered
  • Strafe Turret (30) — constructs a rapid-fire turret that shoots regular arrows at nearby enemies

Other Changes

  • Amazon bows add points to any of the three skill trees now instead of only the bow and crossbow tree
  • Amazon starting weapon is changed to a short bow and quiver instead of a javelin and shield

Demon Hunter Class Mod

442 kB - RAR

Consistent Leveling Mod

Improves game pacing by making characters level more consistently instead of progressively slower

This mod changes the amount of experience needed to reach levels 4 through 30 such that the frequency of leveling is more consistent. This change fixes the default leveling system where players level up very quickly early on (gaining 16 levels in Act 1) and hardly ever in the late game (gaining three levels in Act 4). Though it’ll take longer to access higher skill tiers, I feel that this change really improves on the pacing of the game. I know I can trace back at least one of my own games going unfinished due to getting bored with the long stretches of time between leveling late in the game.

To balance the resultant difficulty differences, monster levels have been lowered by the number of levels which the player level is behind the original player level. This affects monster hitpoints, defense, attack rating, and damage; any other attributes, like resistances, are unaffected. However, during the last play-test, I didn’t notice any areas where monsters felt harder or easier than in previous plays without the mod.

Here are a few statistics to give you a rough idea of the changes to the leveling system.

  • Levels 10-12 have the monsters with the most reduced difficulty (74% of original values)
  • Level 15 is the level farthest behind the original levels at -3.31 levels behind
  • Level 20 is the level with the greatest difference in XP needed for the next level compared to the original XP (i.e. the point you will level slowest comparatively)
  • Level 25 is the level where the modded leveling system is gaining levels faster than the original system
  • Level 29 is the level with the greatest negative difference in XP needed for next level compared to the original XP (i.e. the point you will level fastest comparatively)

Consistent Leveling Mod

53 kB - RAR

10 x 10 Stash Mod

Doubles the amount of storage space in the stash

Diablo 2 10x10 Stash ModThis simple modification increases the stash inventory space from 6×8 (48 spaces) to 10×10 (100 spaces).

Note that any items in a character’s stash before applying this mod will still be intact afterwards.


10x10 Stash Mod

38 kB - RAR

Balanced Better Drops Mod

Improves chances of getting Unique and Set Items from monster drops and gambling

This mod gives the player better chances to find unique and set items. I was quite disappointed to only find two set items in the whole game and the only uniques dropped by Baal at the very end. This mod should be a balanced way to give the casual player a decent chance at some quality items.

Also, gambling has a much improved chance for set and unique items. The mod also allows all class-specific items to appear when gambling.

The general breakdown for drop improvements are as follows:

  • 110% Better Chance for Unique Items
  • 35% Better Chance for Set Items
  • 10% Better Chance for Rare Items
  • 0% Better Chance for Magic Items
  • 16% Better Chance for High-Quality (e.g. superior, socketed) Items
  • 100% Better Chance for Normal (non-junk) Items

Also, lower level monsters have a better chance to drop higher quality or higher level items now.

Gambling breakdown:

  • 79% Chance of Magic Item (was 89.85%)
  • 15% Chance of Rare Item (was 10%)
  • 4% Chance of Set Item (was 0.1%)
  • 2% Chance of Unique Item (was 0.05%)

Note that because certain item types don’t have a unique or set item available (either by design or it’s already been dropped), the perceived chances for unique and set items may be lower.

And finally, skulls have just as good a chance to drop as other gems now.


Balanced Better Drops Mod

55 kB - RAR

Fixed Font Mod

Fixes the 5 looking like a 6 in one of the game’s fonts

Fixed Font ModThis mod merely fixes the game’s 16pt font (used on tooltip descriptions mostly) so that 5’s don’t look so much like 6’s.


Fixed Font Mod

9 kB - RAR

Easy Unsocket and Respec

This mod makes it much simpler to unsocket a weapon or respec your character. Both employ existing Horadric Cube recipes but with more common items. Unsocketing destroys any gem/rune/jewel, but leaves the weapon/armor intact. Respec gives you the Token of Absolution, which when right-clicked resets your character skills and stats. The recipes are as follows.

  • Unsocket: One socketed item + one town portal scroll
  • Respec: One town portal scroll + one identify scroll

Easy Unsocket and Respec

5 kB - RAR

No Intro Mod

Replaces the intro videos with short, blank ones that don’t waste your time


No Intro Mod

1 kB - RAR

No Equipment Loss on Death Mod

This mod removes the endlessly frustrating death penalty where your equipment is put on your corpse, often forcing you to have to retrieve it in the midst of a swarm of tough monsters. Gold and XP penalties still apply.


No Equipment Loss on Death Mod (1.13d)

436 kB - RAR


No Equipment Loss on Death Mod (1.14d)

1 MB - RAR


128 Responses to Diablo 2 Mods

  1. payne MYS says:

    hello ,regarding the drop rate mod.should i start new char,or old save will works?i use it with plugy.

    • Snake USA says:

      Thanks for the question. The drop rate mod can be used with an existing character of any level as far as I’m aware. Except for the leveling mod, any of the mods on this page can be used with existing characters as well.

      • payne MYS says:

        thanks for fast reply.im using perfect drop mod before[from other source]its work wonder,but its drop unique all the time,i dint like it.now im using your mod,but it didnt work,my patch is 1.13c currently.is it work in 1.13c patch OR below?

  2. Sunny DEU says:


    First of all, thanks for the great work. Awesome Job!

    Balanced Better Drops Mod says:

    “Also, lower level monsters have a better chance to drop higher quality or higher level items now.”

    Could you please specify that statement? Which Treasure Classes did you fix?
    I’d really love to learn more, since running the same old areas (AT, CS) over and over again starts getting terribly boring.

    Thanks in advance

    • Snake USA says:

      Thanks. I think the change that you’re referring to was as a result of modifying ItemRatio.txt and not treasure classes. I don’t remember exactly how the change worked now, but I think the gist was that it tightened the level range of item drops. So, you wouldn’t get a level 24 champion dropping level 16 rare items, for example.

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