Hurtgen Forest

Company of Heroes

Although this is a small map, it is so highly detailed and carefully crafted that I believe it comparable to Relic’s own professionally-made maps. I started building the map more than three years ago, inspired by the Operation Market Garden map “Best”.

Hurtgen Forest has 11 capturable territory sectors with 5 being munitions and 2 fuel. The limited fuel makes the map mostly geared toward infantry combat. A stream divides the map in half forming a natural defensive line for each player. However, a single road that runs the length of the map does cross the stream, and the stream is passable at every point. Each territory sector (except the roads) has some existing defensive structures: a church, bunkers, trenches, or mere sandbags. There are a lot of trees on this map–it is a forest after-all.

This map also features a realistic passage of time, starting with a foggy morning and progressing through midday, sunset, and night. The map was primarily designed to be played with the Annihilate victory condition but does support Capture Points. Because the AI is slow to start and the map is rather small, using an AI difficulty one level higher than your usual level is also recommended.




Hurtgen Forest (SGA)

14 MB - ZIP


Hurtgen Forest (SGB)

10 MB - RAR

If you don’t know which version to use, get the SGA version.  Extract it to “My Documents\My Games\Company of Heroes\ww2\scenarios” to install.

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