Civilization V
Art inspired by the map

Art inspired by the map

In this map script, each civilization and city-state is isolated in a small, fertile area only big enough for one major city. Between them is nothing but wasteland. This script is great for one-city challenges, exploration, or players that simply don’t want to be right up against other civs. The script contains many options such as changing the terrain and geography of the wasteland or the size of starting areas.

I can guarantee that this map script is unlike any you’ve played before. Most maps generate terrain before finding player starts, but this one finds the starts and then generates terrain around them. Because of this, the entire generation process had to be written from scratch. And this makes for a very unique and interesting world.



  • Dominant Terrain – Sets the terrain that the wasteland will be.
  • Wasteland Ridges – Toggles the mountain ranges that spread across the wasteland. Without them, the wasteland is even more desolate.
  • Player Size – Sets the tile radius of the civilization starts in the game. E.g. when this is set to 5, the starting areas will be 11 tiles across or 5 * 2 + 1.
  • City-State Size – Same as the previous option, but for city-states.
  • Resources – Similar to the generic resources option that most standard maps have, however completely customized. Sparse will yield about five resources, normal about nine, and abundant about thirteen.
  • Human Start Epicness – This option allows players to stack the odds in their favor by granting bonuses to only the human player. This option is disabled in multiplayer, however. At each level, more bonuses are added as such:
    • Low – Gives player a couple more random resources
    • Moderate – Gives player a couple more strategic resources and an extra ancient ruins + previous bonuses
    • High – Gives player the best starting point and a couple more random resources + previous bonuses
    • Epic – Gives player a natural wonder and all strategic resources + previous bonuses
  • Oddity Level – Adds interesting features to the wasteland. Higher levels increase both the oddness and the amount of oddities.


  • Cavalry is a must on this map. They can move faster across the wastes and are better suited to fighting in the wastes. As such, obtaining horses and oil should be a priority.
  • If you wish to expand, your only option is to take another civilization out.
  • Most ancient ruins appear near player starts, but there is a smattering of them in the wastes as well.




22 kB - ZIP

Also available on Steam Workshop
Also available on CivFanatics


You can install this map in two ways.  One way is to install it as a mod.  This way is not recommended as it requires you to play the map through Civ5’s mod menu.  This is also the way Steam Workshop will install the script.  To do so, extract the downloaded archive to your My Games\Sid Meier’s Civilization 5\MODS directory.

The recommended way to install the script is to extract only Isolation.lua from the archive to your My Games\Sid Meier’s Civilization 5\Maps directory.  Using this method will allow the map script to be used in any game mode: singleplayer, multiplayer, or modded.

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