Lightning Speed

The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion

This makes ranged shock damage spells travel at lightning speed. I made this mod because I thought it sucked that the shock spells looked more like a sneeze than a lightning bolt. This mod makes the lightning projectile about six times faster, meaning it can go about 100m in a second. So it’s not quite lightning speed, but if it was set any higher, you wouldn’t see the bolt at all.

This obviously means that you won’t be able to dodge the shock damage bolts. To balance that fact out, I made all shock damage spells cost 20% more magicka. This was preferable to lowering the damage of all ranged shock damage spells in the game, which wouldn’t affect other mods with shock spells anyways.

Since the shock damage spells still looked like sneezes, albeit fast sneezes, I also spent some time modifying the visual effects. The bolt effect is based off of Vortex’s Shock Animation Change mod, which has a single blue-ish bolt. I made the bolt about eight times longer, though. Additionally, I changed the stock hit shader to have more of the shock texture and fewer, faster particles.

In Summary

  • Shock Damage bolt is six times faster
  • Shock Damage bolt can’t be dodged
  • Shock Damage spells cost ~20% more magicka
  • Only one bolt that is eight times longer
  • Fewer and faster hit particles (slight fps boost on low-end machines)
  • Longer, pulsing hit texture

Lightning Strikes

In version 1.1, a vastly updated version of mrflippy’s Lightning Strikes mod was included because it is now much prettier with this lightning mod. The mod is included as a separate plugin, so the user can decide whether they want to use it or not. See the included readme for more information on that mod.


Demo Video



Lightning Speed

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