Company of Heroes

This is a remake of a map of the same name from the game Red Orchestra: Ostfront.  The terrain height and painting was converted right from the original map, while everything else I added from scratch to be as close as possible to the original. However, you will notice that this map is more detailed and has a couple of buildings which don’t quite match the original.

COH classifies this map as “extra large” and while it is quite large, it doesn’t really feel overwhelmingly large even for two players. There are 13 capturable sectors with two fuels and two ammo sectors per player and a bonus ammo sector in the middle. If you’re playing for victory control points, there are three control points at what are the most defensible areas of the map. These three points (farm, ruins, and village) are also where you’ll see the most infantry combat. The rest of the map is mostly fields and rolling hills perfect for tank combat and AT emplacements.




Ogledow (SGA)

15 MB - ZIP


Ogledow (SGB)

14 MB - RAR

If you don’t know which version to use, get the SGA version.  Extract it to “My Documents\My Games\Company of Heroes\ww2\scenarios” to install.

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