Snipers is a scenario for Starcraft: Brood War that I started way back in 2002. Because of the general complexity of getting the scenario scripts to function correctly, it took four years of occasional work in bursts to finish.

The concept of this scenario is sort of like some of the others I’ve done where you start with some hero units (this time named for my old friend Quelog and I); however, the hero units are supposed to be something like special operations mercenaries (the reason for the generic title) on a particular surgical mission and thus never build a base per-say. All of the mission objectives, briefing, badass hero dialogue, and mission imperatives are done with tons of triggers in the script. The mission objectives are actually rather creative, too. Some have you blowing up stuff; while in others, you get to steal vehicles. Here’s an overview of the scenario taken from the Readme:

Snake and Quelog have been dropped into heavily occupied CDD territory. They are elite snipers, with high-powered medium-range rifles, portable lockdown rockets, and the ability to blend into their environment. Snake and Quelog must work together to bring down the CDD forces. Command needs this area thoroughly trashed so ground forces can move on it tomorrow and they will give you a commission on every enemy soldier you kill. But your primary tasks will be demolition, infiltration and seizure of prototype vehicles, and commandeering and using nuclear silos.

200hp, Medium armor, .50cal rifle (one shot kill against infantry)

300hp, Light armor, 30.06 rifle (good against light armored infantry)

Note: This version includes a cooperative scenario that you can play with a friend in addition to the original singleplayer scenario.






167 kB - RAR

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