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…does this thing still work?

I’m not sure what counts as news anymore, it’s just sort of a blob that is Summer Vacation. I’ll try to sum it up for all the editors. I’m not too certain what Gr-Dragon is doing, though. He sorta drifts in and out of consciousness and rippage. 😉

I’ve been playing a fair amount of games lately: Starcraft, No One Lives Forever, Dungeon Siege, Serious Sam SE, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Unreal Tournament, Soldier of Fortune 2, Jazz Jackrabbit 2, Army Men: RTS, Empire Earth, Quake 3, and …that may or may not be all. It’s quite an impressive list, as well as either a huge waste of time or a honing of my 1337 gaming skillz (whichever you prefer :) ).
Besides gaming, I’ve been dabbling in some other points of interest. When I went on “vacation” to North Carolina, I looked into learning Delphi. Delphi is much more expansive than VB could ever be, but it has a lot of hitches that used to be common tasks in programming Basic, like File IO, declarations, and data types. Data types are really a constant asspain; you’re often times tied down to using a certain type for a function and it’s not in the form you want it, then have to find some way to convert (like the compiler couldn’t do it). Then you’ve got all this unneeded code for converting types to strings, usually. And when I started coding my normal method for File Input/Output, I hit a huge wall trying to use variants (because a simple string won’t be able to take data from objects in Delphi) and loops to get data in and out of the files. It’s just a huge mess. 😡 POS
As for getting LANtalk into Delphi, it seems like a large waste of time. I will try to figure out new ways to bypass VB limitations and get a really usable version of LANtalk. Until then, there’s a bit of screenage below.
I’ve been working on a few Starcraft scenarios, too. These are some real masterpieces compared to my previous ones. One scenario has you crashing in the middle of a zerg colony and escaping to a small terran base (it’s quite appropriately called Deserted II). It features vocal by our very own S&L editors. The other is still rough but has around 30 triggers already. You command Quelog and Snake, two very badass Ghosts that must take on the entire map of enemy terrans. Quite a few objectives have you placing charges on key targets and demoing them (ultra schweet). That scenario will probably take a long time to get balanced. Already, the ghosts have uber hit pointage and damage and cloaking uses but 1 energy point. When walking between four filled bunkers and a science vessel with 5 energy trying to set a charge, you’ll wish you had more. As I’m content with playing the scenarios, I’ll officially upload them.
I’ve also been messing around with Jazz Jackrabbit’s editing tools. They’re quite annoying and making even one map is a daunting task.

Loog’s got the DSL shit. From working at his underpaying burger-flip job all summer, he actually has some dinero. The thing is now he has to work for the rest of his life after this point or the 1536K goes back to 56K. Either way, I can just pimp the fruits of his mad phat pipe at Surges. 8) Using the “so illegal it’s legal” peer-to-peer Kazaa, Loog has appropriated quite a large list of goods. So much that he’s running out of space for it all fast.
Other than that, Loog hasn’t really done anything. We are planning a Surge tomorrow, but they are becoming increasingly lame as no one will come. Fucking llamas.

And Gandalf…well, let’s ask him what he’s been doing.

gand says:
nope…gotta work

Que has been back at school and attempting to mac with the chicks. That’s pretty much all that goes on with him day by day. Of course, he would want me to mention his journal, so I will. It’s occasionally amusing, but even more so if you like reading rants. So, if you’re extremely bored, check out Que’s journal here.

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