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That’s right it’s a post.

Another semester of college is dwindling down already, providing me with the chance to finally get my thoughts in order enough to post.

I haven’t really made any progress on any projects other than school stuff, so no news there. I’ve mainly just been trying to relax to some good gaming in between the schoolwork. But since finishing Titan Quest, the gaming has been rather ho-hum.

I went back and played Hitman: Contracts, getting Silent Assassin in all the missions. But alas, it made me appreciate the improvements in Blood Money more so.

Now, I’ve just starting working on Stalker but am having mixed feeling about it. First of all, it’s just as buggy as Titan Quest was. I experienced random freezes, stuttering, and save game corruption within the first few hours of play. Thankfully, the Internet provides communities of other irate gamers in the form of forums. I eventually combed through enough search pages that I found a working solution for the most-annoying freezes. Oddly enough, it has to do with the behavior of the OS’s paging algorithm–a hack that shouldn’t be necessary but is because of the half-assed state of the game’s engine. You just change/add two keys to the registry path:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/CurrentControlSet/Control/Session Manager/Memory Management
DWORD PagedPoolSize = FFFFFFFF(hex)
DWORD PoolUsageMaximum = 50(dec)

PoolUsageMaximum is a percentage that controls the aggressiveness of the page swapping (this setting may not even be needed). PagedPoolSize controls whether the OS handles swapping dynamically or just lets the pool fill up to a specific size.

Anyways, the gameplay itself is…interesting. At first, it felt like playing Morrowind, but that soon faded as the story drove the game into a more linear style than expected. The game world is not contiguous or load-free, but rather a collection of areas connected together by teleport points. In other words, it’s no Oblivion. It plays more like a perversion of Far Cry than anything else. The few RPG elements almost seem tacked on and only include inventories, looting stashes, and augmenting with passive artifacts. It’s definitely no Deus Ex, either. What it does have are some pretty intense and frequent fire-fights. They actually happen too often, because areas are quickly refilled with mutants and bandits. It’s a real chore to clean out an area on your way to somewhere and then clean it out again on your way back. And there’s no quick travel. I’m unsure I’ll continue playing, because this game is just too in need of polish.

I’ve had a more enjoyable time pwning the shit out of my girlfriend in LieroX 😛 . There are so many weapons in the various mods to try out that it never gets stale. Our favorite right now is the Warhammer weapons mod. It has great effects and good balancing with a wide assortment of weapon types. If you’re unfamiliar with the original Liero, it was basically a side-scroller deathmatch not unlike the popular Worms series (sans the turn-taking). LieroX is just an amped up incarnation with full-color destructible levels, player skins, weapon packs, and Windows and networking support.

And my last bit of news is the conversion of my How-To Deus Column into a plaintext document available on GameFAQs. So my much slaved over guide is finally getting all the hits it deserves. I will, of course, continue to update the original column, as it is easier to maintain in HTML than a heavily-formatted text file.

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Still at work.

Apparently, Summer is always the time when I get new content on the site. I’m back at working on the How to Deus Column. It’s nearly doubled in size. There are tons of new images and exploration and general tips. I may not get all the way through the game on the Column this time around, but maybe the 10th time I play Deus Ex I will. 😉

I also updated the Columns list. You know, the one you get to by clicking “Columns Index” in the “Columns” section of the flash navigation. I added the aforementioned Deus Column and the (I have yet to come up with a simple name for this) Desktop/Laptop sharing guide.

You may also notice the slightly new background. I did a remix of the last wallpaper. At first, it turned out like some funky crap, but I took out some of the gayer image elements and made it deceptively simple. I also managed to slip in an int picture of myself.

I also went through the links section to update URLs and delete old links (i.e. AudioGalaxy 😀 ). The link checker portion of Links2 decided to start working, which is about par for that script. You may recall the admin part of it miraculously working several months ago. While I was at it, I filtered out some of the lame/related-to-illegal-substances quotes. There haven’t been any new quotes in a while. I’m contemplating putting quotes from my AIM info in there nowadays.

So, yeh…that’s it.

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Site updates

I did some modifications to the Imagefolio script earlier. It’s now not so much of a security hazard 😕 (as in, it doesn’t show unnecesary directories) and only shows image files. It always confused me as to why IMAGEfolio showed more than just images, but now it doesn’t…so boom.

Also, I’ve been playing Deus Ex again (seems to have a bit more flavor with XP). Of course, that means also that I’m working on the unfinished but ongoing “How to Deus” Column. You can find it, with the new additions, here.

And if that wasn’t enough, I did two additions to my ghEtTO Hardware Modifications Column. That can be found here.

Loog just came by and delivered his old Seagate 20GB HDD. So, now that I’m off work 😉 , I’ll be swapping the 4GB Maxtor with the Seagate and researching some more Deus.

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More on Deus Ex

Been working my Deus Ex Guide and finally brought it to HTML format from TXT. It’s hardly finished, but it has the general outline that I will follow. I actually started writing the TXT back in the summer after completing Deus for the second time. Now, here I am, working on it again only a few minutes after completing it for the 6th time. This really has to be the best plot that has ever been in a game…not just the depth of the story, but how it’s played out. Every time I play this game, I find something new. 😉

Without further ado, I give you the not-even-half-complete Deus Ex Guide.

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Here’s some news, Gandalf

I wouldn’t really warrant a week without news, maybe 4 or 5 days, but I’ll tell you what I’ve been doing. I’m working on a Deus Ex Strategy Column. Of course, no one can tell you how to play Deus, everyone takes their owns paths, but if you read over this Column before playing you’ll likely have a lot more fun playing Deus Ex. In order to write this Column correctly, I’m having to go through Deus for the 6th time, but I’m not complaining. It’s an awe-inspiring game, and if you haven’t played Deus Ex, may 100 greasals attack you in a street at night. (Better get your lightning gun ready for those greasals, Que…oh, that’s right…you don’t have Q3 either.) 😡

Besides that Column, I’m thinking about working on changing the MOD database into a Music database. Acumen once told me:

I’m more and more toward releasing only mp3 version[s] in the future. They contain better soundquality, offer more post-production features and are familiar to a bigger audience.

Well, thanks a lot Acumen, cause now I have 300 MP3s and 322 MODs. 😛

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Jan 9, 2001

Ok, people, Snake wanted me to put up some news, so here it is: nothing’s going on in the clan, ‘cept for some UT multiplayer matches, so I’ll just give some personal news. Deus Ex kicks ass. I got it with my new sound card, and it’s awesome. I play like 3 hours of it a day. I love the inventory system, how you can pickpocket dead people, and all the ingenious gameplay of achievement-based rewards and different ways to get around. Anyway, my favorite part lately has been the voices. I just finished “Brooklyn Bridge”, where you have to search for the first ambrosia cannister, and there’s a gang upstairs, with El Rey as their leader. His henchmen say lots of cool phrases, and I’d like to present some of them to you. Make sure you have the MPP Plug-In first (I’m not giving the link, you should have it by now, or you must not know S&L very well). Heh. Now, this is a very big file, so just go masturbate or get some food or something and come back in a few minutes, and it should be playin’! So, enjoy!

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