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Red Orchestra = Best Multiplayer FPS

That’s right, I’ve been playing a lot of Red Orchestra. Wanna fight about it? I swear it’s the most realistic and intense war FPS you can play online since Infiltration. So I urge you, my faithful three visitors, upgrade your rigs, get UT2004, download RO, and let the getting pwned because you’re noobs begin. I was a noob, too, when I started playing at 3.1. Now at 3.3, I’m really starting to get the feel for the game. Just see for yourself.

How to start playing Red Orchestra:
You’ll need a computer that’s no more than 3 years old. The CPU should be no less than 1.6Ghz; 2Ghz or better is recommended. Lots of RAM is a must: 512MB is good, but 1GB is best. The video card doesn’t have to be real great; a GeForce 3 or Radeon 8500 is probably bare-minimum. A mouse with a lot of buttons is great to have, as is a large screen. Also consider that UT2004 with RO takes a good 7GB of disk space.
Since RO is a mod of UT2004 for now, you have to buy UT2004. It’s less than $20 at most online places. I’d suggest buying it unless you hope to get lucky with finding a serial somewhere that isn’t banned or in use. You can get UT2004 from Newegg.
Then, you gotta download RO itself. It’s up to about 700MB these days. Get your preferred format of download here. Be sure to find the community map packs to download, too.
Finally, you should practice with the bots for a few days before you jump onto a server. There are a lot of factors to get used to, such as that machineguns have to be set down on something to be aimed accurately; you can only aim accurately by looking down the sights; only a few people can occupy most roles; there’s no ammo display, so you have to count your shots; etc.

PS: I reviewed the new iteration of Delta Force here.

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Snake revisits Infiltration.

I’m talking about the MOD for UT, you sick fucks. Anyways, I downed the 75MB full 2.86 install the other day, and I must say that INF is still surprisingly enjoyable. Even though there is still no scoring and hasn’t been updated in a year, I managed to get a ton of fun from downloading maps from the new RealMaps site. One maps that was particularly enjoyable (and I think every INF player should have) is DM-INF-RealAssault. It’s absurdly fun playing as either team against bots. I think I probably had a better time attacking, though. Running around barb-wire, half-tracks, and obstacles all while dodging mortar fire is extremely intense. Then, if one actually does get offshore and into the enemy trenches, you’re pretty much on your own against the entire enemy team. One time, I had actually used up all 4 of my Sig mags, 3 MP5 mags, and was down to just a Deagle in the trenches. The enemy was swarming all around me and I knew I couldn’t take them on with a pistol. So, I ran for a AKSMU by a fallen friendly. I actually did get the AK, but it only had 5 rounds left. I killed one enemy, but was gunned down by 4 more. Intense. 8)

Here’s some sreenage I got. The first is not from INF, but rather UT at Surge 2.7. It was really the only cool sshot I got from that Surge. The last two pics are from RealAssault.

I also review the Hitman 2 demo, although to much disapproval by Loog. It earned a 6. Read more here.

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