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And here’s the news.

You know it’s time to do some news when people start getting angry about the lack of news. There’s not really anything newsworthy to throw out, though. Most of it is recent developments. For one, both Gandalf and Rachael have their own journal here. And Rachael helped me fix a huge bug in the journal script, today.

Today, I started working on a timeline of the history of S&L. It’s a very long image, separated by clan and host eras. Much of the early S&L isn’t documented, though, as we had no Columns or news back then. It’s very schweet seeing everything layed out graphically, though. I’ll post it somewhere, probably as a Column, on a later date.

We’ll be having a rippage event on Halloween once again this year (codename S4) and then the next day, we Surge …3.0 style 8) . It’s possible that we may actually have 4 people for this event. With even teams, we’ll probably be playing a lot more of the good stuff (TFC and UT). This will be one for the history books…er, timeline.

Well, that’s pretty much it. Be sure to look at our journals, as they get updated more often 😉 .

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More LANtalk details and delays

Today, I made huge strides in the development of LANtalk. Since VB is basically a cockjob, I’ve had to concentrate on using just API calls. It’s all good, though. Here’s a list of what I’ve done today:

-Recoded all File IO to use Configuration Files instead of Basic’s Random File.
-Fixed all the XP transparency effects. They work beautifully.
-Added sound events for message receiving and connection requests.
-Fixed process exiting. Now it doesn’t sit in memory even after you exit.

Soon enough, I’ll have it ready for a public beta. For right now, though, it’s just me and Que testing it. Here’s some things that I want to fix before the public beta:

-Fonts actually working in the richtext chat box. If Basic wasn’t such a pos, I’d have done this a long time ago.
-Message packets not getting mixed up with instruction packets. This seems to be a problem with TYP instructions mainly.
-Less memory usage (I’m not sure how I’ll do this, but I’ll poke at the code 😛 ).

And then there’s things that I want to add in the future:

-File transfers with optimization for LANs.
-Control window minimizing to the systray.
-More text format controls.
-UDP broadcasts announcing users being available on LANtalk.
-A way to read chat text while in a game.

Well, I’ve talked too much and I’m not sure any of it made sense, but I’m excited about how LANtalk is coming along. Here’s some screenage:

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Snake revisits Infiltration.

I’m talking about the MOD for UT, you sick fucks. Anyways, I downed the 75MB full 2.86 install the other day, and I must say that INF is still surprisingly enjoyable. Even though there is still no scoring and hasn’t been updated in a year, I managed to get a ton of fun from downloading maps from the new RealMaps site. One maps that was particularly enjoyable (and I think every INF player should have) is DM-INF-RealAssault. It’s absurdly fun playing as either team against bots. I think I probably had a better time attacking, though. Running around barb-wire, half-tracks, and obstacles all while dodging mortar fire is extremely intense. Then, if one actually does get offshore and into the enemy trenches, you’re pretty much on your own against the entire enemy team. One time, I had actually used up all 4 of my Sig mags, 3 MP5 mags, and was down to just a Deagle in the trenches. The enemy was swarming all around me and I knew I couldn’t take them on with a pistol. So, I ran for a AKSMU by a fallen friendly. I actually did get the AK, but it only had 5 rounds left. I killed one enemy, but was gunned down by 4 more. Intense. 8)

Here’s some sreenage I got. The first is not from INF, but rather UT at Surge 2.7. It was really the only cool sshot I got from that Surge. The last two pics are from RealAssault.

I also review the Hitman 2 demo, although to much disapproval by Loog. It earned a 6. Read more here.

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Pending Surge

Yesterday, I went to Best Buy and and bought (yes, actually bought! 😛 ) Soldier of Fortune 2, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, and Serious Sam 2… both for my further entertainment of new DirectX8.1 games (w/ my DirectX8.1 video card 😀 ), and for more gaming boomage at the next Surge (not sure what exact #, but it’s 3.x) [2.6]. It’s scheduled for this Tuesday afternoon till Thursday afternoon. Depending on who comes, we have scheduled 3-5 people already, and would like more. I’m hosting it this time, so if u’re interested, ask me my address and such on AIM or MSN (I hate email :) )… my contacts are on my staff page on the nav to the left. My house’s power grid probably can’t handle more than a few PCs (one of those scheduled is a laptop, fortunately), but since 8 ppl probably won’t come anyway, whatever. We’ll be using the Netgear switch like before (I’m currently on the network right now), w/ straight-through CAT5/6 cable and NICs, and tons of games to either bring urself, or download from me in a matter of a few seconds.

Anyway, that’s all… b4ck-0n-th3-g4m|ng-sc3n3 L00g|3 is out.

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