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New Monitor, SnakeBot, etc.

So, I bought this new monitor last week from emscomputing.com, and it arrived Wednesday. Even with standard shipping and the 2 business day delay until it ships, I still got the monitor in under a week. This is quite extraordinary for an online purchase. For more details on the monitor, see my journal.

Speaking of the journal, it is a new feature I have devised. I thought the idea of a public forum for one’s ideas was a nifty idea and especially since I try to keep everyone from posting news just to rant (*cough*que 😛 ). Anyways, since I’m a savy, resourceful web programmer, I had to make my own journal. It’s sort of a mix between DeadJournal and the DemoBoard in style. So, check it out.

Now, about The Snake Bot. I’ve been working on a bot for Quake 3 that plays pretty much like I do on Hardcore difficulty. Of course, you can ramp my bot down on the difficulty, but on Hardcore, you get the full snake experience. I’ve included chat texts, too. Sometimes, though, Q3 will automatically use a synonym for bot chats. So, you’ll get a momma fucker or mommy fucker every now and then. It just doesn’t convey the mother fucker very well. (I think I’ve used enough fucker to block this page on all educational computers. 😉 ) Pick up the bot here. Save it to the baseq3 directory and just select Snake as a bot in Q3.

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