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More Snipers

Yes, another news post with a subject beginning with “more”. And more is better. I fixed a small bug to do with mission objectives displaying in the scenario. But more importantly, I made a little (or not so little) trailer for the scenario so you can get an idea of the level of badass it is. It’s about two minutes long, Divx 6 video at ~800kbps and MP3 audio at 112kbps. I made it in a few hours in Vegas Video 5. It was recorded with Fraps. Click the screenshot to download it.

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More new stuff.

As part of my recent emphasis on getting old projects out the door, finished or not, I’ve decided to release my Sniper scenario for Starcraft:Brood War. You may (or may not) remember it from some news posts a few years ago: here and here. There’s been an unfinished version on the site since when I first started working on it. This finished version however contains a complete readme (with walkthrough), briefing, script, end game, better balancing, and final objective. It’s a good challenge and has some awesome trigger implementation and badass dialogue. I’m hoping to work out a cooperative multiplayer version soon, so one player can control Quelog and the other Snake. Anyways, you can download it here.

I also added links to news items next to the subjects as you may have noticed, so I could link to the old news items in the post. 😉

Look for more liquidated projects soon. And BTW, the new Daemon Tools (4.0) is out. However, it doesn’t look like it’ll help with those pesky StarForce protected discs. I still have to restart to tell wtf it actually does change.

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