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Holiday Formatting Fun

Turns out I wasn’t in the clear when I posted last on Wednesday. When I next restarted, it went right back to doing its boot BSOD thing. But it was weird, because it didn’t happen until after I was in Windows and startup programs were already loading. Once I removed the Catalyst Control Center, it started BSODing right after the Welcome screen. I hate Catalyst Control Center–what a bloated piece of shit excuse for a device config panel. You don’t need skinned interfaces and demo levels to set up your hardware.

So, I ended up reinstalling Windows anyways. As I was going about the process, I started making a list of things I’d need to do; and, that turned into a general checklist which I published as a short column found here. It details in a roughly chronological order the steps to take during reinstalling WinXP. So, hopefully, you and I won’t miss something important the next time we need to do it. I also list some more 1337 tips for optimizing your system for inevitable reinstallation.

One thing that all this Windows installation shit has brought to mind is the necessity of the registry. Now, I won’t claim to know everything behind the registry and what it was created for, but from my observations, the use of it by most applications impedes the speed at which you can get Windows set back up. I feel like any application specific settings should be stored right there in the same directory as the program itself. Too often, programs are storing everything in the registry and it’s a mother fucking pain to back this data up and restore it afterwards. The registry has some uses, though, that I won’t deny. Anything that multiple independent programs may need, should be stored in the registry (codecs, file handlers, drivers, other system stuff). Also, the installation path of most programs should be put into the registry (so any program can find another program). Finally, anything that could fuck up Windows should be put into the registry (so that a reinstall does fix it). Really, developers, just stop storing user settings in the registry; let’s go back to the days of ini files. Many awesome programs follow these rules and I’d like to commend them for making my life easier the last few days. They are: Trillian, Emule, Firefox, Media Player Classic, and all the programs I’ve made.

End Rant. And Merry Christmas.

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New Download System

Because the old DL system didn’t even link to any of the files on our server correctly or show all files automatically. I’ve modified the imagefolio script to show downloads (dlfolio), essentially, it just shows all the files in ftp in a pretty GUI. If you want, you can still ftp to the site at ftp.s–l.com. Since the nav still goes to the old DL system, you can find the new one here.

Also, I was looking at some int stuff about Microsoft’s Activation policies and all at this site. It’s an int read and as I’ve always known: “Product activation will have little or no impact on piracy. In fact, it may actually increase piracy.” You’re damn straight it increased piracy. I’d love to have a poll that asks which flavor of XP the visitor is using. The choices would be: Legit, Cracked, or OEM (all refering to Home, Pro, or Corp). My guess would be that legit users would be the smallest percentage, followed by crackers, and leading the pack would be llama OEM users that really don’t have a choice whether to get XP or not. 😀 Of course, we don’t get enough traffic or a broad enough audience to have that kind of poll.

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