Daemon Tools

8) I have 4 CD-ROM drives…sorta. I’ve been experimenting with this highly int app called DAEMON Tools 3.02 and what it does is emulates (pretends to be) a CD-ROM drive. You can have up to 4 of these “virtual drives” that can only run CD images. Of course, you make images with another nifty app, such as CloneCD. Then, you’re just boom. 😮 I’ve played music from an image, opened cd-check games with an image (AOK), played movies fron an image, and more. It’s quite swifty and I’m sure it would come in handy often; especially when I’m reinstalling app/game downloads from backup cds. I can merely write the whole disc to the HDD in 5mins and use the image whenever I need to install something. It’s also 10 times faster from the HDD.

Not to mention, this app has illegal purposes, such as opening downloaded image files from apps like Morpheus. I wouldn’t have any experience with these illegal uses, though, because I don’t have the bandwidth to be downloading 600MB images. Also, I pay for all my software! 😀 eeeeeeehehehehehe!!! Check it:

Linkage: http://www.daemon-tools.net

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