RSS and Rants and Shit

For few good reasons, I decided to modify the ticker script to make an RSS feed file. Mostly, I like how Trillian will get news feeds from some sites and I wanted to figure out how to make my own. Thus, it was designed for compatiblity with Trillian and is in 0.91 format. In order to create the rdf file (the rss feed that is essentially xml in which your aggregator would download), I found a nifty Perl module, available here. It was linked from another good page for RSS reference here. All that’s needed is a way to parse out titles and links to news (the original ticker script) and the module has all the subroutines for outputing the rdf. I also added parsing of the news, random quotes, and various features for the RSS. See the screenshots from Trillian below. You can get the RSS plugin from their site. The RSS for this site is here.

I’m also working on a rants, etc. database. It uses a new script that is extremely template based. Unfortunatly, the default templates look like ass, so it’s taking me a while to get the formatting down 😕 . It works, though. Check it out here.

That’s basically all, but on an int note, when I went to set up the cron job for the rss script, I saw something odd but pretty fucking sweet. Just look at the screenshot.

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