shits they are a happenin

There’s a few things that have gone on lately that I shall point out.

First, I released the next major version of my Rise of Nations Script Maker last week. It adds a lot of cool shit and fixes a few bugs like: scrippet options; maximizing/resizing the window; preresearching techs, units, and buildings; update checks; message log; max craft in object stats; and new scrippet editor. So, pick this shit up.
RoN Script Maker Full Version
RoN Script Maker Lite Version

I also recently uploaded my incomplete Uber Resources T&P v2 to RoNH. It adds the T&P campaign rares like gold, rum, and cattle. Snatch that here.

The next item has to do with the website. I recently asked my host about upgrading my site to a new package and here’s the answer I got back:

I’ve upgraded your account to the GigaDeal X5 package and the monthly price is the same as your previous package. If you need further assistance, please let us know. Thank you.

Check this page to see what the package offers. You’ll obviously notice that it upgrades my space from a measly 200MB to 5GB. Given the copious space, I’ve decided to upload a bunch of my music (original, unfinished, and remixes) and videos. You can get to it by clicking the Downloads button on the nav or here.

And boom. I guess that’s it. I’ll probably be playing Dungeon Siege all week, so yeh…won’t be very productive.

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