Okay, so it’s a blog.

It’s been difficult for me to admit that this is a “blog” instead of “news”, because I’m never one to follow the crowd. But I finally gave into the blog fad for a few reasons: I’m not a real company with formal news releases, I’m the only person that contributes to this site now, and people can identify with the term “blog” better.

And with the name change comes a new blog system powered by the usual PHP + MySQL and made by yours truly. So far I’ve converted the old delimited plaintext file from Coranto (an increasingly dead Perl CMS) to a SQL-type database and made a blog viewer script (cunningly named blog.php). The script takes in a number of parameters that allow one to view by specific post ID, month and year (used for archives), tag, or all posts, each with the typical page navigation controls. I still need to code the archive script and make a backend for myself, though. Here’s a list of the specific advantages I hope to gain by switching from Coranto to my own blog script.

  • Less code bloat from too many user options
  • Incremental integers for post IDs are more user-friendly than Coranto’s random string of 18 characters
  • Tagging offers an alternative method to categorize posts
  • Better display of monthly archive links
  • Custom backend will make it easier to integrate HTML into posts
  • Possibility for parsing posts before display
  • Included in the weekly SQL email backup
  • Better searching possible

While I’m on the subject of blogging, I figure I should go over my unique philosophy on it. As you may have noticed, I try to post at least once a month, lest I forget what’s been going on. I do a lot of projects in a month, so inevitably some of the smaller ones get lost in time and memory if I don’t post frequently. I could solve this dilemma some by just making smaller posts more often, but the problem with that is I’m picky. I like to have a topic fully fleshed out or even resolved before I post on it. Thus unless I do one big project contiguously (such as in my last post on overclocking), I will inevitably have a lot of variably-sized projects occurring intermittently.

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