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Obviously, I haven’t blogged in a while. It’s been so much longer than my usual lapse that one may have even feared the worst. Well, it’s close enough–I became employed. Indeed, forty hours a week (plus twenty more in support of it), I work at my alma mater’s library handling anything decidedly too technical for my 25 coworkers. I enjoy the tasks of my job; they stay pretty varied, so I never get bored. I’ve been working with WordPress, PHP, streaming video (both Flash and Apple’s Darwin streaming servers), Apache, JavaScript and HTML DOM, plenty of graphics editing, and of course the usual HTML editing. Sometimes, I even have fun doing work. The people are all rather nice, too, albeit I have a difficult time connecting to most of them personally (considering the demographics of your typical librarian).

However, I resent all the hours that I have to put into my job and how it drains me physically and mentally such that I have no time for personal projects (i.e. everything on this site). On some weekdays, I’m too tired to even enjoy video gaming. And on the weekends, playing video games is all I can seem to do. Clearly, anyone counting on me to work on any of my mods or programs, should lose most of their hope now. Though, whenever I get contacted by users, it is enough to motivate some work. My only solace is that I don’t have to stay with this job forever.

But having money is pretty cool. 😉 I’ve never had more than a few hundred dollar in my whole life before I started working. Only two months into the job, I couldn’t stand it anymore and had to buy the parts for my new computer, Serpent 3 (hopefully, more on this in a future post soon). Also, it’s even more convenient buying and downloading games on Steam than it is to pirate them from Bittorrent. And it doesn’t hurt that I can afford to buy my girlfriend nice things now. Ah, money…I love you.

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