How to Fix America Part 1: Election and Campaign Reform

It’s becoming apparent to me that if we ever want to fix the many serious problems of this nation, we must elect the President and Congress in a more fair and inclusive way where they actually represent their constituents.  The following is a list of what I think are common-sense solutions that would fix federal campaigns and elections so that these elected officials might actually be capable of doing the job that we sent them to do.  Please share.

  1. Election day must be a federal holiday.  All states must allow same-day voter registration.
    Every citizen should be encouraged and able to vote.
  2. No state may hold a party primary earlier than four months before federal elections.
    End the constant campaigning.
  3. All candidates for federal election may take only public financing and individual donations no more than $1000 per candidate per election.
    No more bought politicians.
  4. Congress will have term limits.  Senators may serve no more than three full terms (18 years).  Representatives may serve no more than five full terms (ten years).
    End the reigns of career politicians.
  5. Presidents are elected by popular vote, not Electoral College.
    No more elections decided by swing states.
  6. Congressional redistricting must be done by an impartial computer algorithm that only takes population into account and not demographics. or
    End gerrymandering.

† Requires federal law ‡ Requires laws in all states ♦ Requires constitutional amendment

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