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SnakeByte Studios is the professional outlet for me, Snake. This site is a portfolio for all the work I’ve done, both personal and academic, and with the main purpose of helping others. Here, I post as much as I can of my custom apps, game mods, digital media, and writings.

Although some friends have contributed to the site over the years, I’m responsible for 99% of the current content and design. So, while originally the intent was to be a multi-faceted tech site, it’s devolved back to its humble beginning as a personal site. For a complete history of the early site, see the S&L Timeline.

About Snake

I have a BS in CS and previously worked at a university library for more than three years. They mainly paid me to kick ass at what I already do for fun. Right now I’m working on some of my own projects and taking a break from the 40 hour a week grind.

I love video games of all genres (except sports), sitcoms, and politics. Occasionally, I’ll code programs in my spare time. They’re usually small and specialized apps that were made to assist my everyday activities. I try to release as many of my projects for free online as I can. I also dabble in sound, music, video, image editing, and generally all things digital or electronic.

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