ShellMPX 11-04-04
Status: Beta/Work-in-Progress
Language: Visual Basic 6
Platform: Win9x, WinNT, Win2000/XP
Downloads: 80

ShellMPX is a frontend for my favorite MP3 player, SCMPX. Even though the author of SCMPX, S. Chiba, hasn't updated it since 1999, I still love SCMPX because it sounds great and is very very CPU and memory efficient. Typically, SCMPX needs less than 1% of the CPU and 2MB of memory. I love how it plays my MP3s because it has an effective graphic equalizer and removes the tingly sound on lower-bitrate files.

But since SCMPX is so old, it lacked some features that I was looking for in a complete music player. Obviously, I can't add support for other music formats, but what I did add was a simpler control interface, a hierarchial playlist list, alpha transparency, and process priority. The playlist list allows you to view all your music sorted by artist, album, year, genre, or however you want to do it. The play control interface is a lot less cluttered with functions that are more obvious, and it includes buttons for functions that the standard SCMPX GUI doesn't. Process priority allows you to set the base priority of the SCMPX process when the shell launches it; this fixes skipping that can occur since SCMPX reads and decodes the file continuously as it needs.

This package includes all the program files for SCMPX, the help files for SCMPX, ShellMPX, and all the required files. I consider ShellMPX to be ...

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